About Us

Established in 2020, the Borough of Hatboro Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) is an appointed board comprised of Borough officials, residents, and business owners who devote themselves to protecting Hatboro's environment. The EAC's focus is on protecting the environment and improving sustainability. The EAC researches environmental issues and funding sources in order to advise Borough officials as they consider undertaking projects that preserve, protect, and support the natural environment. The EAC provides education on environmental issues through its website and activities.

Information on how to attend the Hatboro EAC's monthly meetings is available at www.myhatboro.org.

Our Members

Elle Anzinger, Chair of EAC

Councilwoman Elle Anzinger developed the Hatboro EAC in 2020. Originally from Chicago, Councilwoman Elle Anzinger has resided in Hatboro for eight years. She was immediately drawn to its small-town feel, its friendly people, and the depth of its history. Elle has a master’s degree in Applied Geosciences concentrating in Geologic Engineering from University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree in Geology and Political Science from Oberlin College. In addition, she has been working as an environmental consultant for the past nine years and specializes in sediment remediation.

Nicole Reichner, Vice Chair of EAC

Councilwoman Nicole Reichner is a lifelong resident of Hatboro, graduating from Hatboro Horsham in 2001. Growing up, Nicole was a member of the Hatboro Memorial Pool and their swim team, a team she is proud her children are now members of too. Nicole is involved in her community and would like to see a Hatboro that is more invested in its parks and bringing the people of Hatboro together to make our town a stronger and more vibrant place to live and for our children to grow up.

Jill Murray, President of EAC

Jill Murray has served on the Hatboro EAC since 2020. Jill has MS degrees in Geology and Education and worked as an environmental geologist prior to becoming a science educator. She has taught science at the college and high school levels and enjoys sharing her passion for the environment with her students. Jill looks forward to working with the residents of Hatboro to foster a more sustainable community.

Katrina Nuss, Vice President of EAC

Katrina Nuss has served as Vice President of the EAC since its establishment in 2020. Katrina has a passion for living a sustainable life and supporting native species through gardening and naturalizing her yard. As an educator, Katrina inspires future stewards of the environment. While serving on the EAC, Katrina aims to protect Hatboro's Natural environment while improving the sustainability of our community.

Carol Brunner, Secretary of EAC

Carol Brunner has served on the EAC since its establishment in 2020. Carol has a lifelong interest in biology, ecology, and a love for the outdoors. Carol is a member of the Gardeners of Crooked Billet, an organization that focuses on beautifying community spaces in Hatboro through gardening. Her experience in organization, education, and as a gardener make her an essential member of the Hatboro EAC.

Judith Swanson, Member

Judith Swanson has been a member of the Hatboro EAC since 2020. Judith has an extensive background in scientific education and training and currently serves as a practicing small animal veterinarian. Her interests in gardening, native foliage, and local wildlife drive her passion to protect the environment. Judith's goals while serving on the EAC include protecting Hatboro from pollution, population pressure, and environmental degrades that could endanger our community's open spaces, bodies of water, and local wildlife.

Thomas Bilotta, Member

Thomas Bilotta has served on the EAC since 2020. By day, Tom works for a major pharmaceutical company. By night, Tom teaches Aquaponics at Temple University's Ambler Campus and works for a local business in Hatboro. His Masters Degree in Education, BS in Chemistry, and years of project management aid him in playing a key role in accomplishing the EAC's goals.